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Patented technology aiming to increase urban livability.


CO2 Emission caused by Urbanization


Urban Heat Island Effect on Climate Change


Natural Disasters due to Climate Change
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Can I use my existing 3D models?

Yes! You can upload any 3D model.

Can I design a structure from scratch?

Indeed! We offer inclusionary 3D modelling toolset.

How can I place my model into a certain area?

We have a longitude/latitude setting which you can use to place your model into exact geolocation.

What is significant about the material catalog?

Our material catalog contains not only the pyhsical properties of the materials but also environmental data of each material such as strength, heat island rate, CO2 emission, solar radiation rate, etc.

Can I use the system with more than one city?

Absolutely! You can download any city package directly from our database.

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